WordPress Virtual Assistant

I will be available each and every month to help you maintain your WordPress website

As a website progresses through the stages of design, development, and testing (or beta testing), it is important to be as smooth as possible on every level. This means no jagged lines or gaps in information, and instead only use clear colors and straightforward text. As much as possible, keep your website’s look good for all types of users, which includes people who go against common sense. People who don’t follow that rule usually end up with problems when trying to navigate their way around a web page.

Website maintenance is essential as the development and production stages of a website. A site needs regular checkups and adjustments in order to enhance the technical functions and also to update the WordPress website core files, theme, and plugins.

The Monthly Maintenance plan for my new plan will include:

  • WP Core, Plugins, and Theme upgradation are not going to be fulfilled until further notice.
  • Functionality testing is in progress, but there are some redeletations which will be necessary for that to happen.
  • Text and Images changes will need to beSVMLite for the new year.
  • The website backups will need to be made each month so that any ghosts of content from previous months’ posts can be identified and cleaned up.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities.
  • Browser Compatibility Testing.
  • Site Speed Audit.
  • Redirect and Broken Link Testing.
  • Analytics and Tracking.
  • 24/7 support and monitoring.
  • Monthly Detailed Report.

I can help you with things such as; creating a website or content book, fixing a mistake, creating an e-commerce page, working on a project, setting up new parameters for your account and more! Want to get started on Website Maintenance or need some more information before ordering.

Please reach out to us and let me know what you would like to discuss.

Email: info@kabiritbd.com

Phone: +966559758082

Skype: amazon_bd